Getting Around the Blog

Curious as to how to navigate the blog and find things?  Not quite sure what’s going on?  Here are a few things you might want to know.


In preparation for the 2010 session, the MAJDC Blog has established a few organizational features to enable quick and easy access to the issues that matter most. On the sidebar to the right, there are two boxes entitled “Categories” and “Tags.” If you are looking for information about the 2009 session, your first stop should be the “2009 Session” Category. Up-to-date information, meanwhile, will be found in the “2010 Session” category. The other categories are fairly self-explanatory: “News” is for published articles from newspapers, journals, and the like; “Announcements” are meta-posts like these, pertaining to the blog itself; “Advocacy” is for MAJDC-specific information, such as meeting announcements and position statements. Hopefully, these categories will help users drill-down to the specific types of information and content contained here.

The Tags section, meanwhile, is useful for finding very specific information, as each tag corresponds to either a Bill or subject.  Looking for the status of a bill?  Just click on its number and you’ll see all the relevant posts.  Curious as to which bills relate to schools?  Click on the “School” tag and find out all about it.  The tagging of bills by subject shouldbe a robust method of searching new content.

We hope that the creation of these organizational aides will allow for increased usability throughout the 2010 General Assembly Session.


Want to stay up to date on juvenile issues, the MAJDC, or this blog?  Too busy to check the page every day for updates?  You have a number of other options!

Email: Simply click on the button to the right labeled, “Sign me up!” and our posts will automagically appear in your email inbox.

RSS: If you use a newsreader, such as Google Reader, Outlook, or any other number of alternatives, just click on the RSS icon in your address bar (the little orange icon on the right), or subscribe through your reader to .

Twitter: That’s right, the MAJDC Blog is on Twitter, for anyone who’s interested in micro-blogging and receiving updates that way.  Check us out at


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